Big PR's at Fifth Annual JCPXC Lakefront Intrasquad Classic

Thursday, November 7 2013 - JCPXC Lakefront Classic - Nora Morsch

Big PR's were the theme of the day at the Fifth Annual JCPXC Lakefront Intrasquad Classic time trial.  The meet is a 'last chance' race for all of the non-State Finals running Eagle athletes and many Eagles took full advantage of the opportunity.  Per tradition, the runners were split into seven scoring teams, each coached by a varsity state running boy and girl, with each team donning a different singlet from a different alternate or vintage JCPXC uniform set.  

A total of thirty-nine minutes worth of personal improvement was had on the day with fifteen Eagles bettering their previous personal best by over a minute.  Those athletes (improvements in parentheses) were Nora Morsch (3:26), Morgan Dechter (3:23), Fabi Horta (3:20), Taylor Mazique (2:37), Eric Wong (2:18), Kalvin Lee (2:08), Milo Nuno (2:03), Armani Kongmanivong (1:42), Ivy Rejman (1:39), Joseph Bailey (1:33), Carlos Gonzalez (1:25), Diego Serrano (1:21), Thomas Lihosit (1:19), Daniel Garcia-Rico (1:04) and Cole Hamilton (1:03).  

A number of Eagles also broke big minute barriers for the first time: Nora Morsch, Sofia Hall and Ivy Rejman (25 minute barrier), Taylor Mazique, Evelyn Tapia and Fabi Horta (23 minute barrier), Alicia Wala and Milo Nuno (22 minute barrier), Diego Serrano, Kalvin lee and Eric Wong (21 minute barrier), Brian Ma, Armani Kongmanivong, Joey Bergren and Carlos Gonzalez (20 minute barrier), Bennett Erickson, Joey Bailey, and Thomas Lihosit (19 minute barrier), Daniel Garcia-Rico, Will Moran, Gustavo Colunga and Zachary Benes (18 minute barrier). Cole Hamilton, Marquis Dixon and Enrique Sanchez also eclipsed a huge benchmark for boys cross country, breaking the seventeen minute barrier for the first time, making it sixteen Eagles on the year in the "Sub-16" range, the most in program history.

The team race was a close battle with the top two teams separated by only three points and the top four separated by only eight points.  

The team of Alex Behle, Marquis Dixon, Martin Chappetto, Carlos Gonzalez, Brian Ma, Rebecca Maas, and Morgan Dechter pulled out the win.  They were coached by varsity runner Markiyan Protsiv.  

The team of Kevin Johnson, Arthur Santoro, Cole Hamilton, Armani Kongmanivong, Diego Serrano and Nora Morsch came in second.  They were coached by Will Sarchet and Julie Lohman.

Congratulations to ALL the Eagle athletes on another excellent season!

We hope to see you all in Peoria on Saturday November 9th for the 2013 IHSA State Championships where both the men's and women's varsity seven will be competing. 


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