Ways to Help Out

Thanks very much for your interest in helping the Jones College Prep Cross Country and Track program!  Below are some of the ways you can help out.  Any support is greatly appreciated!


General Support
First and foremost, before any material support, your time and encouragement of our athletes is most important.  A great parent support network is vital in a successful high school athletics program.  Your continued presence and encouragement at competitions, and the like, is very welcome and extremely valuable to our success.  We also ask for your understanding in how much the sport means to the athletes on this team and ask for your help in allowing them to be fully engaged and able to commit at the level that is required of them by enabling them to be in attendance and following related guidelines. Ensuring they are eating well, prioritizing sleep, maintaining healthy iron levels and staying healthy also go along way in their success and well-being.  


Monetary Donations
We try to keep formal fundraising opportunities to a minimum during the season.  As such, we greatly appreciate any financial help to help keep the cost of team fees down and enable us to afford our athletes additional opportunities and resources that many teams do not have access to.

Donations get used towards lowering the cost of trips (pre-season camps, bringing extra runners to the state meet, etc.) as well as purchasing equipment for our athletes (uniforms, warm-ups, tape, massage sticks, heating pads, batons, blocks, etc.)

Checks made out to "Jones College Prep Boys Cross Country and Track" are very gratefully accepted at any time and receipts can/will be provided for tax write-off purposes.  


Gear Donations

If preferable, gear donations are also always welcome.  Please see the following "wishlist" that we will keep updated as the season progresses (you may always contact a coach with any additional questions):  

  • Right now our primary need we are working towards is the purchase of 1-2 ElliptiGO trainers (ElliptiGO 3C or ElliptiGO 8C) for our athletes who are injured and need to cross train.  These are the most productive/healthiest means for runners to cross-train and also allows them still feel like 'part of the team' by being able to train alongside their peers outside, instead of staying inside on the bike
  • We are also continuing to try to raise money for a 100m rubber track runway to use inside during the winter training months when conditions require us to stay indoors


Due to budget cuts and increased team size, we often need parent help with transportation to meets.  Typically we cannot afford transportation for meets within the Chicago city limits or when only a small portion of the team will be competing. 


Food and Drink
Our athletes definitely appreciate snacks and beverages post-meet.  If you are interested in bringing something we encourage you to sign up on the parent sheet.  Water and sports drinks are always in high demand


Purchasing Team T-Shirts/Gear
The online team store will be made available on the website twice a year.  Likewise, some merchandise that is already in stock can be sold during practice time upon availability.