FAQs by Parents

Q. What are the expectations for the track and cross country teams?
A. Both programs are very competitive varsity sports.  While no athlete is ever cut from the team based on talent or abilities, all athletes are held to the same high expectations.  Being on the team is a privilege and not a right, and it is a big commitment. While we want our athletes to have fun (and we have a lot of fun) we are not a social club and our goal is to excel in our sport.  This sport, more than any other, requires consistency and commitment and our policies are geared to maximize success.

Our athletes are held to higher standards of behavior than other students and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.


Q. How can I get information/stay up to date?
A. The best place for information is this website.  Schedules with links to google maps and meet itineraries, results, news, announcements, and all-time lists are all kept on this website and updated regularly.  In addition the main page displays our twitter feed (@ChiJonesXCTF) so you can see any updates or announcements made via twitter.  If you are twitter-literate, follow us for live meet results and highlights as well as team announcements.  You may also follow us on Instagram (@jcpxctf).  We also ask you to sign up for our Remind App messaging service by texting "@parentsxc" to the number "81010" 


Q. How can I contact the coaches?
A. You can email Coach Demetrius Clark (Head Track and Field Coach) (Demetrius.clark@yahoo.com) or/and Coach Carson Vittorio (Head Cross Country Coach) (Carson.milesplit@gmail.com) or use the Remind App messaging service listed above


Q. How long are practices?
A. Practices usually run about 2 hours. We aim to have students done by 5:30pm everyday (as practices begin promptly at 3:30 p.m.). Sometimes we may have extra work that we are doing that kids wish to stick around extra time for. We try to be flexible and accommodating on students leaving early if need be, but we require notification ahead of time


Q. What are the attendance policies for the team?
A. Students are allowed 2 un-excused absence (unapproved activity or without notification). The biggest thing we ask is communication!  We understand things come up, but as long as we know as early as possible we can be flexible.  However, exceeding the number of allowed absences can result in meet suspension and dismissal from the varsity team.  At the coaches' discretion athletes may be given the opportunity to make up missed practices.   


Q. My child needs to miss practice. What should I do?
A. Please contact the coaches as soon as possible and fill out the absence request form located on the team website.  We understand that things happen, students get sick, etc, which is why the absences are built in to our policy.  The sooner we know about absences the sooner we can discuss options that will minimize the impact on student-athletes.  It is even more vital we know ahead of time if athletes will need to be missing a meet.  At most meets we cannot substitute runners, so if an athlete is entered and cannot attend it is a lost opportunity.  Missing a meet without approved notice will result in immediate dismissal from the team. 


Q. Can my child miss one day per week for tutoring/ACT prep/other activities?
A. In the interest of fairness to all athletes we will not allow varsity athletes to miss more than the allowed number of practices.  We understand that academics must come first and if students cannot balance running with their academic needs then they must choose academics.  Athletes are more than welcome to use their allotted absences on these activities, however.  Missing one or two practices all season is negotiable, missing once a week is not.  


Q. Can I pick my child up from a meet?  Can they get a ride from someone else? Can they take public transportation home?
A. You may absolutely pick your child up from a meet.  We do ask, however, that all athletes stay for the duration of the meet to cheer on his teammates.  If you do need to depart early for some reason, however, please notify us ahead of time (preferably 24 hours). For liability purposes we must ask you to sign out your child in person.  The sign-out sheet is held by the managers in the clipboard. 

If you would like your child to go home with someone else, take public transportation, walk, or meet you somewhere then we ask that you fill out the electronic release form. We cannot legally allow students to leave a meet without a note. If you are taking other runners home with you, that student's parent/guardian must fill out the electronic release form.


Q. When are the seasons?
A. Cross country runs from mid-August to the first week of November and track runs from mid-January to mid-May.  We also have a regularly scheduled conditioning program throughout the winter and summer months that is not mandatory but highly encouraged


Q. When are meets? How long do they usually last?
A. Meets are typically run on Saturdays and vary extensively in duration.  Cross country meets usually begin in the morning and run in the 2-4 hour range.  Track meets vary heavily depending on how many athletes are allowed in each event, but usually run from 3-8 hours long (for the longer meets athletes are usually not required to attend the entire meet).  


Q. How can I help my child improve?
A. Most importantly, allow them the opportunity to fully commit to the team and train consistently and properly.  We know it takes up a lot of time but it is an extremely rewarding experience with many benefits related to other aspects of their lives.  If possible keep the season schedule in mind when planning vacations/college visits etc.  Be supportive, encourage them to take care of little things (diet, sleep, hydration) and make sure they are keeping on top of their academic work.  Help them stay relaxed and positive about races and avoid putting pressure on them - most kids do that enough already


Q. We will be going on vacation, what should we do?
A. Please let us know as soon as possible.  Please note that the first week of practice is mandatory for all returning runners.  These dates are given out more than four years in advance and failure to attend will result in dismissal from the team or suspension.  Spring break falls in the middle of the track season with meets on both weekends.  We encourage athletes to try to avoid missing those meets and request that they are at least in attendance for one of them.  We encourage you to plan vacations early in the summer, winter break or during the IHSA 'No Contact' week (the first week of August) as these will not conflict with any seasons.

Any time an athlete must miss for vacation he or she is expected to keep up with workouts given to them by their event coach and ask that you allow them to do so.  Missing workouts and/or meets during vacations will likely impact an athlete's performance and improvement and may be a factor in decision making for championship season rosters.