Winter Break Training Overview


Listed below is all the information regarding training during winter break.  Please make sure to follow it closely and intelligently. Discipline, commitment and sacrifices on these days are what make the good runners great.  

Remember, those two numbers we talked about last week: 153 and 322.  Those are the days until the State Track Finals in May and the State Cross Country Finals in November.  And the difference between those stopping their training seven days earlier are all the little details and opportunities like we have in front of us the next few weeks.  

But, more important than anything else is to take time to rest, recover and grow.  Catch up on sleep, relax and spend time with your families.  Invest your one hour a day so you can enjoy the other 23.  


The winter training guidelines are as follows:

1. Mileage Progressioneach of your mileage for week 1 and 2 of break is on the mileage sheet here.  Remember that all runs must be logged as part of our commitment to each other

*Because you are off for 2 weeks and have ample time to recover, almost everyone is going up in volume a bit. Take advantage of this block of training to get a larger volume of mileage logged, which will pay off in the spring

**You can double a few times a week if you prefer

2. Supplement/Extra Work Schedule: this will be updated on the usual "Supplemental Work" section on the website here

Additionally, here is the link for the plans the trainer put together for everyone (in case you lost your paper copy).  Because of the extra time you have this week, please complete all of the trainer's rehab plans as she has prescribed for you, including the amount of times a days, sets, reps, etc.

3. Workout Scheduleplease see below.  

  • Please remember that ALL paces for workouts right now are primarily based on effort and "feel," which are most important right now.  If you need some rough benchmarks, you can always reference the "Training Groups/Paces" page on the website where you can reference a VDOT pace chart and Split Chart for different paces
  • All workouts have also been converted to time/effort options for anyone who may not be able to have access to a track, etc.


WINTER BREAK WEEK 1 (12/24 - 12/30)

Monday, December 31

Overdistance Run (20-25% of weekly mileage; follow normal progression)

  • 6x100m Strides @ Current Mile Pace effort
Tuesday, January 1

 No Watch Run, 4x100m Strides or OFF

Wednesday, January 2

Speed Development:  6xFlying 30's (4:00 cycles)

*If going off distance: 50m acceleration, 30m @ max, 30m deceleration

**If going off time: 10 sec. acceleration, 4 sec. @ max, 12 sec. deceleration

Thursday, January 3

Progression Run

  • Upperclassmen (45-60 min. total run)
    • 5-15 min. warm-up (with 2-3 x 10 sec. pick-ups to prime legs)
    • 10 min. @ 'Steady' (effort of roughly 15-20 sec. faster than Easy Pace)
    • 10 min. @ faster effort (about 10-20 sec. faster)
    • 5 min. @ MT Pace effort
    • 5 min. @ "Fun, Fast" effort (pick it up a bit and just roll with it; not too intense)
    • 10-15 min. cool-down with 5x20 sec. strides @ 5K effort (with a few min. easy in between)
  • Freshmen (35-45 min. total run)
    • 10 min. warm-up 
    • 5 min. @ 'Steady' (effort of roughly 15-20 sec. faster than Easy Pace)
    • 5 min. @ 10-20 sec. faster
    • 5 min. @ "Fun, Fast" effort (pick it up a bit and just roll with it; not too intense)
    • 10 min. cool-down with 5x20 sec. strides @ 5K effort (with a few min. easy in between)
    • *If wanting to go 40-45 min, you can add 5 min to warm-up and/or cool-down
Friday, January 4

 Recovery Run, 4x100m Strides

Saturday, January 5

Fartlek Run: 8x 1:15 @ 5K effort with 2:15 easy in between (*New guys/freshmen can do 6x1:15)

  • 4 x 80m Strides @ Current 800m Pace Effort
Sunday, January 6

 No Watch Run, 4x100m Strides or OFF (Depending on what you did on 12/25)



 If you wish to change your weekly schedule due to New Years plans, you can switch Monday and Tuesday (whether you were going to take off on Tuesday or run "No Watch") if one day is more suitable than the other

*Brand New Runners*

Runners who are running track for the first time (and did not do cross country), you should be aiming for 25 miles both weeks.  In minutes, this would be equivalent to running about 225 minutes a week