COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines for Resumption of Organized Training Sessions

Parents and Athletes:

Please find the following guidelines that have been adopted by the CPS in accordance with the IHSA, CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health as we are cleared to resume organized training sessions again on Monday, July 10.  Note that all of these guidelines will be strictly adhered to and anyone who fails to meet any guidelines will be prohibited from participation.  

  • Runners will not be allowed to begin conditioning sessions until the following Summer Conditioning Contact Form and Permission/Waiver Form (*Both of these forms are also linked below)
  • All runners must watch this video before they attend their first conditioning session
  • All sessions will take place outdoors at our Jones Track (2301 S Federal St, Chicago, IL 60616) 
    • IMPORTANT NOTE!: there is currently construction at the track, so you can't enter in the main entrance  
    • If walking/biking: you can cut through the court yard of NTA off of Cermak to enter
    • If driving/public transit: you must go 2 blocks south of the track on State Street to 24th Place (not Street) and follow it around past the park to the west side of the track
  • Runs will continue as usual on the Lakefront Path and Grant Park to provide more space for social distancing
  • Groups will be limited to 50 people or less (including coaches) (*We are likely to be below this number regardless as our total team roster during the summer is typically under 50 people)
    • Designated smaller groups will also be arranged within the larger group to ensure more adequate social distancing and better organization
    • If for some reason total group numbers do increase beyond 50 people, the entire group will be split into two with staggered start times and separation of 50 feet
  • Social distancing measures will be practiced
  • All runners will be required to have their face masks with them at all times.  Runners who show up without a face covering will not be allowed to participate or enter the track/field area
    • Per IHSA/state guidelines facial coverings are not required outside if social distancing is possible, however: we will be requiring face masks for all sedentary activities outside even if social distancing is possible/being practiced
  • We will follow district mandated check-in and check-out procedures at the beginning and end of every conditioning session with no exception.  These procedures involve a variety of screening questions and attendance check-in's which will be tracked everyday 
  • Mandatory daily temperature checks will be a part of the check-in procedure.  These temperatures will be taken using an infrared forehead thermometer 
  • Coaches will also undergo the same check-in/check-out procedures to ensure proper symptom screening
  • Cleanliness and sanitation protocols will be used (runners will not share equipment of any kind)
  • Runners should bring their own water bottles as sharing will not be allowed.  Any water coolers or store bought water bottles that are provided by the team will only be handled/operated by a coach with gloves or pre-sanitized hands
  • The mandated protocols have been reviewed and will be the followed in the event of any positive COVID-19 cases
Mandatory Forms
(must be printed, signed and returned on first day of conditioning attendance, no exceptions)
Summer Conditioning Contact Form
Video (all runners must watch)